About Colleen Bentley: ‘Write,’ they said

‘You should tell your story,’ they said.

Of course as the late, formidable Nadine Gordimer, once said in an interview on Radio 702: ‘Yes, everyone has a story, but not everyone should tell it.’

But you, asked for it. So here it is, told through the eyes of all these parts of me:

Moms: Plural form because there are seven offspring. (five by blood, two by marriage)

Mab: Queen Mab is a fairy from literature who apparently drove her chariot up   people’s noses and into their brains make them dream about what they wished for. Such vehicular invasion is gross; dreaming is not.

Martha: Patron saint of servants and cooks. See ‘Moms’ above.

Maeve: Queen Maeve is a Celtic hero who was rather an independent lass and an ancient feminist in my view.

Mistresses of Education: teachers, masters of our craft. See ‘Moms’, ‘Mab,’ ‘Martha’ and ‘Maeve.’

by Colleen Bentley

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