Since my Damascus Road doctor’s visit and attendant epiphany over exercise, I am now a devotee of beachfront walks. Being a rather friendly sort, I greet most fellow promenaders and joggers and have been doing my own sea breeze research on passersby: If I smile, will they? If I say good morning, will they return the salute? Are they responding to me or the sweet Lab?

So besides the fact that the pooch wins hands down with children and old ladies, I love watching faces become transformed from grimace to gorgeous. Smiles do that and it’s fun passing on the joy from face to face, like lighting a whole lot of candles. I probably look a bit village-idioty grinning along the path, but it’s fun, and the connection you feel to others in that moment of a shared happy moment makes up for all the grumps who huff past, either avoiding eye contact or ignoring pleasant pedestrians (like me of course).

Life is a bit like this, we pass each other every day on our walk through life. Are we lighting smiles or dousing them?

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